Land Ark Liquid Wax End Sealer

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In the not-too distant future, we will be contacting the sawmill for our timber order once and for all. It’s quite exciting, and also a little nerve-wracking to think about putting in an order for such a large quantity of timber — over 6000 board feet of wood! I’ve never dealt with so much wood in my life. Whew. This is a little new to me.

Anyway, we want to take very good care of the wood for our timber frame home once it is delivered, and to that effect, we will be using Land Ark Liquid Wax End Sealer to help protect the wood.

Lard Ark is a pretty neat company — not one I’ve had any experience with, actually, but I’ve liked what I’ve heard/read. Their Liquid Wax End Sealer is a product that helps to protect wood that is exposed to the elements, and used to prevent splitting and cracking at the timber ends:

Our Liquid Wax End Sealer is used primarily by timber framers in the shop for sealing the end grain and joints of large timbers for deep oil penetration to reduce checking without the danger of staining the wood. It is great for any raw log ends sitting in the log yard, or any timber end grain exposed to the weather. This formula also makes the wax much more durable for a top coat for floor finishing, counter-tops, a final coat on an earthen floor and for general furniture finishing.

Pretty neat. Best of all, Land Ark’s products are free of heavy metals and other nasty non-biodegradable ingredients. Gotta appreciate that.

Expect more timber framing news soon… things are starting to happen!

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