My Cob House in Lloyd Kahn’s Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter book!

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Gobcobatron in the new Tiny Homes book

I was really excited yesterday, literally breathless with joy. I walked to the mailboxes yesterday afternoon and spotted a package from Shelter Publications casually lying across the top of our mailbox, and I tore it open to find two glossy new copies of Lloyd Kahn’s latest book, Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter. I literally ran home to pry into it (dropping one of the cute Tiny Homes mini books in the mud in the process… whoops!), and I was thrilled to see my cob house gracing four of the pages within.

I am pretty honored, to say the least. Lloyd’s Home Work was a major influence for me in designing Gobcobatron and getting into natural building, and Builders of the Pacific Coast came in time and dazzled me when I was designing our cooperative timber frame kitchen, and beginning to think about our second timber frame straw bale house. I come back to Lloyd’s books regularly looking for motivation and inspiration.

I will be writing up a review in the coming days — so far the book has been more of the same great stuff, with a bit of a different twist from Lloyd’s usual stuff.


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