Our Small Timber Frame House Plans

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Strawtron 3D-4Our timber frame house plans are complete, and now we are prepared to proceed with acquiring our timber. We are providing the plans free for download for folks interested in viewing the 3D drawings and floor plans. Read ahead for more!

Again, here is a lowdown on our timber frame design. Codenamed Strawtron, it is a passive solar, straw bale-insulated house with a timber frame, greenhouse for passive heat and extended living space, enclosed north porch, and second story loft with a west-facing balcony.

  • Building elements: straw bale insulation, timber frame with local wood, concrete pier foundation, living roof, earthen and lime plasters, light clay straw interior wall
  • Interior living area rough dimensions are 13′x24′ (about 300 square feet on first story)
  • Greenhouse is planned to be about 10′x14′ — serves as heat source, additional living space with solar shower, sink, etc., & space for growing lovely things
  • Spiral staircase leads up to second story above main living space, with a walk out to 6 ft. deep balcony on the west
  • North porch is screened in, with bed platform for summer sleeping, and walled-in mud room
  • Storage area above porch
  • Heat to be provided by small wood stove (Morso 1410 wood stove)

The attached drawings document includes floor plans, elevation views, a pier foundation drawing, and other design drawings. The timber frame is designed by Tom Cundiff.

Please feel free to download the PDF, and if you make use of the drawings in some way, it would be great to comment or contact me. Thanks!

Click to view: Timber Frame House Drawings (The Year of Mud) [.PDF]


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  • Beth L

    Thank you for the timber house plans. We are building in front of a 25′ bluff and will utilize cliffs and clefts as well. We are also fixing-up old RVs and trailers as tiny houses for others who will likely come. The timber frame plans look great for the planned community center. I really like what you did with your mud house and am planning cob/mud/clay timber-framed walls and steel framing and sheet metal roof for our house. Would like to make it a living roof, as, we’ll be attached to a giant rock at the top. We have more gravel and rock than could be exhausted so will build pilings from ‘caged’ gravel and concrete.
    Thank you again!
    ~Beth L

  • John

    Im excited about your new home. I checked out the flicker photo reel. Im however dyeing to see a photo update! Also, I grew up in MO, southeast. TN/MO border. I read everywhere that says no strawbale in our extreme humid climate. Was the cob house really that energy inefficient? And are you concerned with the humidity and rot?

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