Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter Book Due in February 2012

by ziggy on December 21, 2011 -- 0 comments -- Follow

Lloyd Kahn, the man behind cult classics Shelter, Home Work, and the recent Builders of the Pacific Northwest has a new book coming out in February of 2012: Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter.

Lloyd’s previous books all feature the work of owner-builders with a natural flair. Many of his books have the element of travel in it, too, as Lloyd traipses around the country and beyond, meeting creative (and not too infrequently, quirky) builders that delve into natural and traditional styles of building. Shelter set the trend in 1973, and Home Work followed much later with more current day builders and their beautiful work, and Tiny Homes exposes the new exploding scene of tiny houses and small living spaces.

Actually, my cob house will be featured on two pages of the the book. Look for Tiny Homes in February 2012.

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