Straw Bale Building Workshop 2012: Build a Straw Bale House

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The Straw Bale Building Workshop at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage is now open to applicants! Come join us in July 2012 for a comprehensive 10 day straw bale construction course, where you will learn valuable skills you need to know to build your own straw bale house.

You’ll get hands-on experience stacking, securing, and pinning bales, and plastering the walls with local clay. Enjoy and learn from the incredible experience of helping to build an actual home in a well-known, inspiring ecovillage community.

Learn How You Can Build A Straw Bale House

As one of twelve students, you will start the construction process from step one, and learn the essential techniques for successful straw bale building, from preparing bales through finishing walls with natural plasters. Except to work hard, get your hands dirty, and learn all of the crucial ins and outs under the wing of a skilled instructor in an incredible setting.

Come join The Year of Mud in July 2012 for a comprehensive straw bale construction workshop at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage — only 12 student positions are available. Apply now!

p.s. Are you interested in timber frame construction? In June 2012, we are hosting a two week timber frame workshop.

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