The Approach of Winter (Another Cob House Update)

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Winter is soon approaching. Today, there’s snow on the ground to remind me of this quaint little fact, as if I needed another reminder. I’m actually pretty happy about it, though. I could use the time to unwind and prepare for next year.

Things are looking good in Gobcobatron thus far, too, which gives me some needed relief. I actually have to express my excitement over something seemingly intensely minute: we can finally keep things on the floor without worry of mold!

The original earthen floor did not allow for anything to be sitting for too long without mold eventually forming underneath of said thing. A cardboard box, for example, or anything flat that would prevent airflow, really, would eventually get a moldy bottom. Not so anymore. That in itself is a huge improvement for us.

The humidity is strangely still on the high side, but it does actually change (instead of constantly hovering at 80%, no matter what). It’s usually no lower than 60% with the windows closed. I guess we still need to work out our indoor ventilation.

It’s still too early to report on moisture on the walls and floor, but the outlook is good right now. It’s still not cold enough to determine what will eventually happen. Something seems slightly damp behind the bed against the north wall, but I haven’t seen any water collecting anywhere.

I’m sure I’ll be reporting again in another month or so.

In other news, our timber frame workshop page is finally up, as you have probably seen, and the straw bale building workshop page is close behind — I promise! The clouds have been overwhelming lately, and our solar systems have been taxed, which means I’ve been struggling to get on the computer to wrap up work on the information pages.

It’s coming soon, though.

Please share the our natural building workshops page with friends who you think may be interested in spending a couple of weeks in an ecovillage community learning natural building skills!

Stay tuned.

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