Gorgeous Viking Farmstead House

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Wow. Check out this unbelievable Viking farmstead house in Ale, Sweden. Stunning!

The construction is a long-term project that can be followed day by day. The first stage of the project involves the construction of a Viking dwelling house, built of oak with wood-sculptured ornamentation, and also a smaller workshop…

The construction of the Viking farmstead in Ale is mainly being carried out using the types of tools and methods that were used during the Viking period. Tools that would have been common in the Viking Age are being produced from scratch. Willow fences are being woven to enclose cultivated plots and household utensils are being made of wood, clay and iron. Linen and woollen fabrics are being used to make costumes.

I would love to be surrounded by buildings that look like this. Conventional barns and outbuildings in this day and age in the rural midwest are incredibly soulless, entirely metal-clad boxes with absolutely no charm… Damn.

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  • Zanne

    Stunning is the right word for the Viking house! And you’re right about rural midwest houses, but unfortunately that also applies to most rural house in other parts of the U.S.

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