US Made Sheep Wool Insulation Batting

by ziggy on October 28, 2011 -- 4 comments -- Follow

Wow, thanks to reader Adam for pointing out that there does indeed exist stateside manufacturers of wool insulation batting. (This Q&A is outdated.) Good Shepherd Wool Insulation, based out of Interlaken, NY, manufactures 16″ and 24″wide wool batting rolls for conventional construction and timber frames, and rope wool for log home building.

Wool is one of the best natural insulators — it’s a natural product (duh), it repels pests, is non-allergenic, can absorb indoor air pollutants, and has excellent insulation and moisture retention capabilities:

Research funded by the Wool Research Development Corporation has shown that wool is a better thermal insulator than other fibers under typical weather conditions because of its ability to absorb and desorb moisture from the air. It can help keep a building cool in summer and warm in winter.

When outside temperatures increase the wool is heated and releases moisture which has a cooling affect on the fiber and the building. This may reduce temperatures by up to 7E °C.

When outside temperatures decrease the wool absorbs moisture which can increase peak temperatures by as much as 4E °C.

Pretty fantastic. I am still exploring whether or not their batting is a possibility for the floor and roof of Strawtron, but time will tell…

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