Video: Hand Hewing Pine Logs with Broad Axe

by ziggy on October 4, 2011 -- 2 comments -- Follow

You may have noticed lots of references here lately to hand hewing and broad axes. Call it research, I guess, because I’m still debating how I will acquire, and then work with and move those white oak timbers I mentioned earlier.

Anyway, I really enjoyed this quality video. Really well shot, very clear, very easy to understand the process of hewing here. Check it out!

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  • Dan

    Wow! Quite laborious!
    Wouldn’t it be possible to keep most of the log round then just work the areas where there’s joinery?

  • steelneck

    Very good sound (had headphones). I instinctively waived my hand after that bug.. I felt stupid for a second there 🙂

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