Broad Axe on the Building Site

by ziggy on August 31, 2011 -- 2 comments -- Follow


It’s sad that power tools just completely lack the character and charisma (and oftentimes, quality) of a well-designed hand tool… This is a Kent pattern axe. (Or hewing hatchet, or broad axe.) This year has been a good education in handling more hand tools that I have not used much before.

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  • montana joe

    japan has the best hand tools, i like the saws the most and there axes.

  • Joe

    Yep lived in Japan for 7 years- had kitchen redone and carpenters did it all with hand equipment- was amazing to see the detail they could get with simple hand tooks and the fits of everything was exacting – that kind of craftmanship would have been impossible in the mass produced kitchens available in builders square etc.

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