Now You Can Add Comments Without Registering (Again)

by ziggy on August 30, 2011 -- 4 comments -- Follow

Somehow, the preferences on this blog were mysteriously changed some time ago so that you had to register to leave comments. I corrected the problem so that is no longer the case. Oops!

Thanks for reading (and commenting)!

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  • Dan

    Excellent, much better. I’ve wanted to comment a few times but admittedly didn’t because of registration

  • Thank goodness! I have wanted to comment on more than a few posts, but couldn’t for the longest time.

    I thought maybe you had done it to prevent spam.


  • onesojourner

    It’s about time for the fall rain to move into the state. keep us posted on the moisture situation.

  • Very strange looking project but living with the mother nature is awesome. It inspired me to read the book “The year of mud”. Very good and inspiring picture of living in the cob house.

    Kind regards
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