Wabi-sabi Kitchen Timber Frame Bent Raising Report

by ziggy on August 29, 2011 -- 0 comments -- Follow

Wow, I am way behind in reporting news on Wabi-sabi’s kitchen construction. Things are happening, I assure you. Even though it might not look like it when you walk by our site every day. (Timber framing ain’t a quick job…)

The biggest thing to have happened in some time just took place last week when we raised our biggest bent yet – a lunker composed of three posts, and one long beam with a scarf joint, the same assembly we worked on during our timber frame workshop in May. The thing must have weighed nearly 2000 pounds, and we used a super slick system of pulleys and human power to raise the beast.

Anyway, you’ll have to wait for my own personal account of the event (I swear I’ll post some video soon!), but thankfullly Alline of Dancing Rabbit has posted her own eyewitness account of the event with plenty of photos.

It was an intensely exciting and rewarding day, I’ll say. More soon! I mean it, Mom and Dad (and all you other readers that don’t pester me as much).


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