Good News Regarding Humidity Levels in Cob House

by ziggy on August 11, 2011 -- 0 comments -- Follow

I finally have some promising moisture news to report. After removing the original earthen floor in Gobcobatron, we put down a 6 mil poly liner, and our 1.5″ of rigid foam insulation.

The new floor is not yet fully in, but our hygrometer is reading lower than ever humidity levels! Previously, it was rare for the humidity to dip lower than 75-80% (yikes, yes). 65% was welcome when there was a strong breeze through the house.

Well, now that same hygrometer is reading more around 50% humidity, a much more acceptable level of moisture. Wow! I’m trying to not get too-too excited yet, because of course the floor is not yet complete, but I do believe this is an excellent sign for positive change. It suggests that moisture was indeed rising up through the gravel in the floor.

More on that later!

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