A HOT Summer in a Cob House

by ziggy on July 22, 2011 -- 2 comments -- Follow

The past week has been brutal here in northeast Missouri, as it is elsewhere in the country. Temperatures around 95-99º, with a heat index around 110º on many of these past days. Bleh.

We’ve been waking up around 6:00 a.m. to work in the morning, and then taking a break after lunch until the late afternoon to work  again. Being in the full sun is simply not possible to sustain for very long.

Anyway, I broke out a temperature sensor gun today to check out the temperatures in and around the house. Hard to say exactly how accurate it is, but I think it’s pretty close. Pointing the sensor at most of the exterior walls of the house, I got a reading of 100º(!).

Inside the house, I got an average reading of 84-86º while pointing it at the walls, and even the floor. The floor doesn’t even feel cool. The skylight, which has a tarp over it to keep the sun out of the house, reads something like 106º.

Nights are very hot, with little breeze for relief. It’s been difficult to sleep some nights, but usually I am so tired that I have not had a problem. I wish I could say the house provides some relief, which it does at some points in the day, but it’s not that great. Still, better than nothing.

It is truly hot. And humid. We are still exploring ways to decrease indoor humidity and increase air quality. Ugh. Best of luck to all those out there trying to stay equally comfortable without air conditioning.

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  • Chris.

    Would sleeping outdoors be an option?

  • It’s not always better to be outside. Actually, though, our new home will have a bed platform on the north screened-in porch for sleeping on those summer nights when it is cooler outside.

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