Pier Foundation Designs for Straw Bale Timber Frame Homes

by ziggy on May 29, 2011 -- 0 comments -- Follow

This post is a call for help. I am seeking information, images, anything related to pier foundation design for straw bale timber frame homes.

I am specifically hoping for detailed accounts of how to construct a pier foundation of stone for a straw bale timber frame. Or even a wood pier foundation, if it’s actually possible.

We are planning to construct our new home on a pier foundation, and I cannot wrap my head completely around how to design the pier foundation, which we may use urbanite (broken concrete) to construct. I do not want the house to have ground contact, for fear of moisture wicking up into the structure. The house will likely have a pier foundation with insulated floor platform.

I am specifically interested in how far to dig down for the piers, if the stone foundation would better be continuous, or other recommendations. Any info./links are appreciated!

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