Wild Bee Swarm Lands in Cob Wood Shed

by ziggy on May 9, 2011 -- 3 comments -- Follow

Wow…. this was too awesome not to mention here. Today, a wild bee swarm made a home in my cob wood shed. We’ve got some empty hive boxes stored in there, and over the past week, I’ve noticed a lot of bees coming and going through the door of the shed.

And today, a great big ol’ swarm came buzzing through the village, and gathered at the entrance of the wood shed — they were moving into the hives stored inside. It was truly an amazing sight!

It was excellent luck for us — we certainly didn’ty expect bees would choose to settle into our stored hives, inside a building, no less.

(And dang, I’m glad there’s no door on the shed yet, otherwise it probably wouldn’t have happened.)

p.s. Check out my post here on why I decided to keep honeybees.


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  • Do you have a bee keeper suit?

  • Katie

    What an absolute bloody bargain!!!! That is about the coolest thing I’ve heard, also, wanted to inform you guys that you have accidently made a difference in the world, I’m part of an organisation that is set up in Uganda, I myself live in Australia and my mission is to send blankets, clothing, education supplies, etcetera over (so far I’m the only international member outside of Uganda) anyways, your article on how to make a straw mattress will be helpful to no end for these people, all I have to do is organise to sew up some mattress covers and send them over and since straw is a cheap resource over there it is a nice cheap eco-friendly solution to bedding for extremely impoverished children. Thank-you!!

  • Way cool! Very much a case of “build it and they will come” huh? Or maybe “store it and they will come.” 😉

    @Katie: Kudos to you for your work!

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