The Year of Mud: The Book in the Works

by ziggy on March 9, 2011 -- 5 comments -- Follow

Last December, I mentioned the possibility of writing a book about building my cob house. Well, I never got around to it that winter. But this winter, I have made it a priority.

This February, I’ve chomped down and begun the process of writing a book about the experience of building my cob house from the perspective of a first-time builder. It’s important for me to note that even with the current moisture problems, which almost dissuaded me from taking on the project, I decided it would be a worthwhile venture to get some of my writing in print, in a more easily digestible form, including all those things that I’ve learned, including some of the experiences of the past couple months.

Think of it as a print version of this website, complete with lots of big, pretty, familiar photos from this website, a good dose of how-to information, and a sort of inspirational catalyst for folks wanting to get their hands muddy.

I imagine it will be available within the month. I have plans to make an e-book version as well as a print edition. The biggest question I have right now is that I am not sure how many I should get printed. So if you have any notion of supporting this project, please chime in and let me know!

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  • Awesome! Unfortunately, I can’t afford to buy it now, but you could try looking into an online printing service like Blurb. I think you can make a page for your book and they’ll print it on an as-needed basis.

  • Marke

    I will certainly buy a copy! Preferably a print copy if it is bound nicely!

  • Kathleen

    Put me down for a print copy! Lots of pictures please! (or if that gets too expensive to print, save the pics for the on-line version maybe?)

  • Your book sounds exciting! I can’t wait to see it.

    Definitely use something like Blurb or Amazon’s Create Space. Don’t try to get a whole stack printed, and then have the burden of trying to sell them. With Amazon, you just market it a bit, and the thing will sell itself without any additional risk or overhead.

  • Rich DeKoyer

    I think a book is a great idea. I’ve been following your work on the cob house and would enjoy reading it in book form. You are my guru when it comes to cob housing with all of it ups and downs. Keep up the good work you do on sustainable living.

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