The Wabi-sabi Kitchen Construction Slideshow

by ziggy on January 21, 2011 -- 3 comments -- Follow

Here’s a little slideshow of the sequence of construction activity on the Wabi-sabi kitchen. It’s from fall 2009 through the present. Notice that we’re up to the timber frame (and that’s why we need help from inspired carpenters, timber framers, and builders alike!) Here ya go:

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  • Mike

    Great slideshow.
    Very inspiring to us, as we build in a similar way. It looks like all of you are having a blast. It’s also reassuring to know there are others out there hauling big slabs of urbanite.

    A couple questions if you don’t mind:
    1. For bottle windows, do we need to wrap the two pieces in a flashing material? We did this for one job, but is it necessary? Costly.

  • Eva Elisabeth

    Very cool, I wish I could come visit and see. Are the pipes in the wall foundation just for drainage?

  • This is a really good video. Absolutely cool. Thanks.

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