GOBCOBATRON Interior House Panorama Photos

by ziggy on December 15, 2010 -- 6 comments -- Follow

gobcobatron panorama

Yea! Check out these super nifty panorama photos of the interior of the cob house! They’re assembled by Jess Ahlemeier (thanks, Jess!). Be sure to check out the large version of the above photo here. I love to see all the little details of the house in one shot. This photo also gives a good impression of just how large the interior of Gobcobatron is, too.

gobcobatron panorama

This one is just kinda freaky. Also cool to have a whole different perspective of the space (albeit distorted!) Large version of this one here.

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  • What awesome pictures. Really shows how beautiful cob buildings can be. Sure they will come in handy, for convincing people to let me build my cob house one day.

  • dax

    great pic and great looking house! Thanks for sharing your house and your story! I find your life style inspiring and thought provoking.

  • Daniel

    Like it or not, the long pano shot is now my desktop background! Basically, I moved in. I put a big file of soul mp3’s on the shelf with the terra cotta pot, do be careful. Don’t worry, I put my recycle bin a safe distance from the stove.

  • onesojourner

    the top one looks like it was just taken with a really wide angle lens. very cool.

  • Hawaiian Coconut

    The only freaky thing in this photo is how much stuff there is looming above your head at night..otherwise, the ultimate hermit shell!

  • outburst

    those are very cool pics, i really enjoyed reading the article.

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