Late November brief update

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Wow, it’s been a while… Time flies when the days are short and there’s firewood to chop, and move… and chop and move some more.

Here’s a quick little update before I post something more in-depth about current goings-on. The woodshed is finally being used, now that it has some EPDM rubber on the roof. The structure is not yet done, but it’s as far along as I can take it this season. Just in time, too.

It hasn’t been depressingly cold (yet?), although we’ve had a few nights in the low 20s or below. That means “slave to the stove” season isn’t here – we’ve been getting along fine most days with doing a fire in the morning and later in the evening/night to cook dinner and warm the space before going to bed.

The lack of space for cookware is rearing its ugly head since the house was clearly not built for cooking in. The table we have is usually cluttered with an array of pots, pans, bowls, and leftovers. It’s hard to be neat about it.

I’ve done work to put in some storage shelves here and there, which I’m very happy with. We’ve got a thin shelf attached to the bottom of the shelf joists above the bed, and a pair of shelves attached to the head of the bed. Love those! We’re doing our best to keep things off the floor, because the floor just ain’t happy with stuff sitting on it too long – we get some mildew as a result.

Have I mentioned the second pane we put on the skylight? It’s a second piece of polycarbonate, same as the first, basically installed on top of the original skylight with a thick bead of caulk between, and some expanding foam around the edge. It’s not terribly pretty from above, but thankfully it goes unseen otherwise.  Anyway, it’s done a great job of preventing the insane amounts of condensation that we were experiencing last winter! The dripping in the mornings has been cut by 90%. We still get some moisture on the inside of the skylight, but it is way, way less. Thank goodness. What a huge relief that is!

Well, more soon…

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