Cooking on the Morso 1410 Stove

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April and I are definitely enjoying the Morso 1410 Squirrel stove. I’m happy with the performance of the tiny stove, and it’s beautiful, too, especially when a big ol’ fire is roaring inside.We have started cooking on the Squirrel as well, and it’s proving to be very capable.

We are getting into the routine of lighting a fire in the early morning to warm up the house (nights are in the 30s these days, with the house hovering around 60-63ยบ in the morning if the stove has been fired before we go to bed). I haven’t done any super scientific timed tests, but from a cold start (no coals or anything), we can get water hot for tea in about 15 minutes. Not bad. Once it’s hot with the first round of a few medium or large sized logs burning inside, we’ve been able to cook eggs very easily.

We’ve successfully slow cooked beans overnight and cooked rice in the mornings, too. Love it! We are just starting to transition to cooking indoors here in northeast Missouri, and mornings are especially less than ideal for cooking outside. (It’s a bit nippy until about 10:00 a..m.) It’s making a whole lot of sense to start cooking inside because there’s no point in making a fire outside in the rocket stove if we can do it inside and also get the house warmed, too.

April and I are planning to do half of our cooking in the house this winter (the other half we will be joining a food co-op), and we’ll be doing it all on the Morso. I have no fears about the performance of the stove for cooking meals. Although it’s yet to be seen if I’ll be able to do stuff like make mozarella and ricotta cheese on it… we’ll see about that one…

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