To Tamar

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Dearest friend and fellow Dancing Rabbit member, natural builder, gardener, fiddle player, yoga teacher, (hell, life teacher), and just simply an amazing human being, Tamar died on Sunday, September 12th. I’ve had the oh-too brief fortune to know Tamar for three years while living at Dancing Rabbit. Last fall, Tamar’s health took a sudden turn for the worst when she was diagnosed with cancer. Since that fateful autumn, she has been through much pain, as have those many family members and friends who have been witness to her suffering. It has been one hell of a journey, the difficult end of which has come on a incredibly sunny, breathtaking September afternoon, with Monarchs bringing fluttering, fleeting color and beauty to the prairie. How fitting a day for the death of such an amazing individual.

Tamar has left a mark on many of those people who have crossed paths with her, and I am no exception. She had been a big inspiration throughout the building of my home, and her colorful mosaics grace its cob walls. She has left behind many reminders of her beautiful (but too-short) life here at Dancing Rabbit, and for that I am extremely thankful, and I am indebted to have known such an amazing person and friend.

Here’s to you, Tamar. You are missed.

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  • rebecca

    hey ziggy
    so sorry to hear about your amazing friend. My thoughts and prayers are with you (and the rest of your community as well).
    take care of each other in these times
    lots of love from New Zealand

  • I only knew of her from the small bits and pieces of her that are scattered on your blog and the dancing rabbit website. but she seemed like an amazing woman. She will be missed and I’ll be saying a prayer for her.

  • Ziggy, so sad to hear about this. It sounds like Tamar was an amazing human being. I’m sending all my most loving and healing vibrations. Good to have the community to be there for each other during these times. Blessings.

  • I hope I’m not incorrect here, but I believe I may remember her from the episode of 30 Days that was taped at the village. she seemed like a very beautiful person. I’m so sorry for your loss. may her memory be eternal. take good care.

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