Making a Brick Hearth For the New Woodstove

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A tiny hearth for a tiny stove

It’s been a long time coming, but the little Morso 1410 wood stove finally got moved into its final living place. I spent a day or so making this tiny little hearth for the stove, which was a pretty fun little project.

Building a brick hearth

I chose to use some reclaimed red bricks to make a tiny hearth for the Squirrel. Since the floor is not perfectly level, I made a flat little mortar bed (using old earthen floor mix), and tapped the bricks into place. I decided not to mortar between the bricks, since it didn’t really seem necessary. Some of the bricks are a tiny bit loose, but once enough ash and grit gets worked in between them, maybe it will firm up more…

Around the bricks, I constructed a wooden frame with some lovely black walnut 1x material. I love this wood and use it for lots of little projects – it is offcut wood I bought from a local mill, sold for a mere buck a board (most boards are 8 feet long or so – not bad!). I ripped and planed the boards by hand and gave them a good coat of mineral oil. Black walnut really is divine…

The hearth has some imperfections, but it’s got some character, I think. It’s barely two by two feet — we decided to keep it small since we really value the open floor space in the house. Plus, there’s really little need for it to be any larger.

Now for the fun part of installing the stove… figuring out how to run a chimney through a living roof. Yikes!

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