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This morning we had a mini photo shoot for a possible magazine cover image. Thankfully the weather was just lovely. It was nice to see the house slowly lit up by the beautiful morning sun… If we’re lucky, this photo will actually make the cut. Thanks to Stephen for the photo!

More to come later…

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  • You guys are so awesome! I love catching up with what you are up to! Great picture!

  • Neely

    I was reading a blog called Canadian Family Robinson and they are in the process of building a Cob house. We are moving to Northern Ontario where there will be a lot of snow in the winter. Can you have a cob house in the snow? I am trying to find info on that. We would like to build a house off the grid and trying to figure out what material would be best.
    Thank you 🙂

  • Pete Brown

    Ziggy man
    enjoy following your enterprise. Are you aware of this guy, down in Oaxaca, Mexico….

    Another very busy young man. I think you will enjoy looking at each other’s work.

    Jah bless

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