A Few Cob Building Blogs To Check Out

by ziggy on June 27, 2010 -- 1 comment -- Follow

Just a quick update to feature a few cob building blogs that I’ve been checking out lately:

earthen acres: Danielle is building a very small cob cottage and documenting her progress. So far her home has a completed dry-stacked (and beautiful!) urbanite foundation with the first layers of cob on the wall. I am excited to see how this little structure gets on.

mud for everyone: I haven’t ventured very far into Erica Ann’s blog, but damn if that cob loop-de-loop isn’t cool! Check out the June 1 post.

clay sand straw blog: I’ve enjoyed perusing these folks’ website and the wealth of photos of their building projects, so I anticipate future updates on this new blog.

Any others you would like to share? Comment and lemme know.

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  • Great suggesstions – I love the short doorframe on earthen acres! Another one I follow is ilovecob.com. It gets updated about once-ish a month.


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