The Year of Mud expands

by ziggy on April 13, 2010 -- 2 comments -- Follow

The comments I received on my earlier post seemed to be enough to sway me towards combining this website with my kitchen construction blog, so except many (and more frequent) posts about building the bale-cob kitchen here in the future! For the sake of my own sanity and time, this seems to be the best option. I’ve imported all of the content (there isn’t that much yet), so you’ll see it throughout the existing posts.

You may notice a few other changes on The Year of Mud to accommodate this change, as well. I’ve reworked the About page to include a brief cob building overview, and moved my cob house timeline to its own page. And the kitchen construction project has its own page as well, which will surely be updated as progress on that building continues.

Stay tuned for more, and thanks for the feedback!

p.s. No new title yet. I gotta admit that I’m sorta attached to “The Year of Mud”, even though the name is kinda irrelevant now.

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  • michael

    heya ziggy,
    great info put out there, thanks a lot. have just laid an earth floor in a straw bale house on the east coast of australia. was interested to hear how you went about filling your cracks (couldn’t find the post). we too live on a community with crappy draining soil and loads of rain, beautiful. hope your adventures continue cheerily along.

  • Yea, somehow I never got to making that post.. essentially, I wet the crack, and rub in a little floor mix and try to work it down in the crack. Then I smooth it out with a piece of plastic. That’s about all I did to seal my cracks.

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