Question for readers: Combining kitchen building blog with The Year of Mud?

by ziggy on April 13, 2010 -- 12 comments -- Follow

I’ve been pondering a possibility for the past week or so. Last year, I started up a new blog dedicated to my latest building project, a sub-community kitchen here at Dancing Rabbit that I’m working on with a few other folks. However, I’ve been finding it difficult to want to maintain two separate websites, although in theory I like the idea of the content for each website being devoted to each particular project. It just seems more organized, you know? But it’s really hard to want to upkeep two pretty regular blogs… well, regularly.

And so I ask you readers: do you think that I should combine The House That Millet Built with The Year of Mud, for the sake of simplicity? Or should I keep them separate, for the sake of organization?

It should be fairly straightforward to have a kitchen subsection on this website, with it’s own set of categories.

Well, what do you think? Would it detract from the straight aim of this blog to start talking about a whole new project?

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  • Ziggy, I don’t care where you post – but you’ve got to post more, I miss hearing your ideas. Here there, it doesn’t matter, but let the words flow man!

  • Grant Wagner

    Since you asked, and I’m a very opinionated man, I’ll give you my thoughts. At least from my point of view, you’re no longer writing about the building of a cob house, but dwelling in a cob house plus being a part of a large comunity.

    Technically, the year of mud is over, where as a life of mud is only begining. I say combine them, but at the same time, change the title to reflect the transision from house builder to community dwelling and project guy. There will always be something more to add to your house, and we really enjoy following your adventures.

  • Hans

    Simplicity first, so combine the sites. I really love your ideas and creations, please continue to inspire us!

    I don’t know if I will ever build a cob house here in Sweden, but I feel it’s a wonderful way of contruction with local material. Many old log houses here used a cob plaster on the interior walls, so it’s a traditional material to work with.

  • questionmarke

    Organization is nice, but ease of posting (and thus, more frequency of posting) is better. I say write about the kitchen here on the Year of Mud blog. After all, cob will still be a predominant building material, won’t it? Plus, for those who follow you with RSS, it doesn’t make any difference, anyway. You write a new post on any of your blogs and it shows up in the feed. Who cares what the name of the blog is? I’m just interested in the content! 🙂

  • piedad

    What Grant said!

  • Buts

    I agree with everything that’s been said already from Grant and Dominic. Grant has a good point here though. I always took your year of mud blog as the blog that you update the most frequently. You don’t always post about cob either so it’s sort of like your main blog. Since building the cob house is over and you are actually living in it (and renovating a lot), maybe you can change the title of the blog to something else. This way, you can keep all your old cob focused posts and still write about the kitchen.

    I’m sure it won’t be that confusing if you combine the websites and if you categorize everything, it’ll be pretty easy to find stuff related to their respective topics.

    But you’ve gotto post more more more more!

  • I think because the subject matter is so similar the blogs should be joined. Most likely readers of one blog will want to read the other as well. If you were talking about space travel and cob houses, then those might be best separated.

    I agree with Grant that the title should be changed, but the content is great!

  • I think you should change the title to something like “Years of Mud- Building and Living in a Cob Paradise” or something like that, and combine the blogs.
    Keep up the great work- I am always happy when my Google Reader says there is an update on either of the blogs!
    Eric in Japan

  • Combine and simplify! I had actually forgotten about the other blog until you reminded me with this post. So long as your tags on the posts stay organized it should be pretty simple to follow just the kitchen stuff.

  • Source to Sea

    I’ve been in your shoes before – combine those sites and make your life easier. One other reason – you’ll be splitting your readership amongst 2 sites instead of one, and that’ll affect search engine hits and whatnot. Good stuff on both though!

    Source to Sea Project

  • Grant Wagner

    Woohoo! I have a following! All bow before your new leader!

    (I’m totally kidding, by the way)

  • This is quite the blog. I wish I would have been able to know about this earlier…. This looks like quite the adventure. Great work!

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