Osage orange garden gate

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I am constantly amazed by osage orange. April and I recently built a new fence around the garden in front of the house, and we dug up old osage orange fence posts from derelict fence lines here at Dancing Rabbit. We pulled them out from being buried three feet underground, and reused them for our own fence. These posts seem to be nearly indestructible – osange orange is the most rot-resistant wood native to North America. Fence posts can last something crazy like 60 or more years without deteriorating… unreal! Anyway, this garden gate is made mostly from osage orange, too. It’s kinda funky. I like it.

Osage orange… we love you!

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  • Josh in Iowa

    Very nice. It’s interesting to now have some idea about how your home is nestled in the community.

  • Gary Richardson

    Hi Brian/Ziggy,

    I came first upon your wonderful flickr photos while googling “cob building roof design plans.” Further searching brought me to this site.

    I am building a 200-square-foot cob meditation hut in the Boise foothills, behind my home. I attended a Cob Cottage Co. 10-day workshop a few years back and over the past year have dug the site out of the hillside and have just completed the foundation trench. I’ll begin the foundation itself in a couple weeks–after I return from a trip to Death Valley.

    I am struck by the similarity of you “Year of Mud” hut and my own in size and shape. I am sure there is much I can learn from your experiences.

    I am particularly intrigued by your roof design, which I think will work for my mostly oval-shaped hut. I’ve studied the photos and would welcome links to anything you’ve written about all stages of the roof conception, design and construction.


    Gary E. Richardson
    746 Santa Paula Ct
    Boise ID 83712-6564
    (208) 336-2128

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    –Kurt Vonnegut

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