Information Wanted About Cob Houses in Cold Climates

by ziggy on February 27, 2010 -- 16 comments -- Follow

This is a call for information from folks living in cob houses in cold climates – by cold, let’s say places that frequently have below freezing temperatures in the wintertime. If you live in a cob house in an area with cold and/or extended winters, can you describe the construction of your home and your heating system?

How thick are your walls? Do you have any insulation (in the roof, stemwall, floor, etc.?) What is the square footage of your space?

How are you heating your house? How often do you run your stove? Is the home occupied full-time during winter days?

Finally, can you provide average indoor/outdoor temperatures? How comfortable does your cob house stay?

I will followup with some insight into winter conditions in my cob house in the near future.

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