The Tiny Temporary Wood Stove

by ziggy on February 23, 2010 -- 1 comment -- Follow

Here are a couple of photos of the tiny, super ragamuffin wood stove April and I are using right now. It’s manufactured by the Buckeye Incubator Co. Our setup is extremely tacked together, as you can see — the stovepipe runs out the top half of a double hung window. We didn’t exactly have enough stovepipe, so we straightened out some elbows to make a short straight run for inside the house. Outside, the stack rises a few feet above the eaves and is wired to the rafters to prevent it from shaking in the wind.

We used two perfectly sized sheets of metal (thanks Bob) and cut holes in the middle to seal up the window. Aluminum tape covers the edges and keeps air from sneaking in.

With this little thing, we can get the whole house decently cozy in about thirty minutes.

I’ll be happy to have a better quality stove in the house!

honkystove-01 honkystove-02

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