Seeking Builders with Balecob Information and Experience!

by ziggy on February 4, 2010 -- 2 comments -- Follow

The design for the kitchen is coming together bit by bit. Thomas and I have recently touched upon wall systems in our dicussions, and I expressed my interest in doing the west and north walls of the kitchen in balecob style.

There are but two printed resources for balecob building, both of which are short articles in the Cob Web, which is published by the Cob Cottage Company. The bale cob building technique seems pretty clearcut to me, but I’d love to hear from natural builders who have worked with bale cob and can speak to their experiences with the technique!

If you have bale cob information and experience, please comment on this website! I’d love to hear folks’ opinions on the matter.

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  • I worked on a cottage in NC where the north and west walls were bale cob. We placed the bales flush with the exterior edge of the wall had a few inches of cob covering the bales on the interior side. The bales were left exposed on the exterior side of the wall until it was time to plaster. I haven’t read the article in the Cob Web, so I’m no sure what info is in there. Email me with any questions. I have a good amount of pictures from the process, too, if you want to see any.

  • ziggy

    Hey Danielle: I would love-love to see photos of the project you worked on… Expect an email coming your way…

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