An update! (A brief one for now)

by ziggy on January 28, 2010 -- 2 comments -- Follow

After a week of travel in early January, I returned home to Dancing Rabbit… to cloudy, gray, cold Missouri. After days of thick clouds, the Common House’s power system was depleted and we went powerless (for the first time on this solar system) for five full days! Whoa.

Anyway, I have a fair amount of news to write about, but I have an inbox full of email to get to… It’s piled up after not being checked for two weeks…

But once I have a cool minute, there is some news regarding the rocket stove, winter conditions in the cob house, and future plans for home heat. Stay tuned! It’s been an interesting past couple of weeks…

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  • Juan

    I hope you had a good time.

    Looking forward to reading the news!

  • Bryan beavers

    hey ziggy

    I have the answer the reason the stove is not working is the draft
    it’s pulling cold air fro the Door and and where else it can find it but if like
    the one I did if you put a air Line dircetly to the stove
    it still will need help on the draft because of the turns you have in the bed
    so what’s the answer …… a fan put a small computer fan some kinda fan at the outside opening
    of the pipe to create a perminate draft use batteries or idea would be solar
    try it


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