My free cable spool table

by ziggy on December 8, 2009 -- 2 comments -- Follow


I had been wanting a table for the cob bench in my house, and I realized that those large cable spools would probably fit in the house, if I could finally find one. Well, I did get one, and it fits perfectly! These cable spools make pretty nifty (and free!) tables if you can find ’em.

I did not do anything to finish the table or clean it up – I kinda like it how it is, although the flattened nails on the surface are less than ideal. It could probably use some sanding, too, but it’s not bad. It’s pretty burly, and as you can see it’s been quickly filled up with lots of house flotsam. It makes a pretty swell dining table, too. I like it!

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  • Eric (Knobbly)

    Ah, cable spool table, how I miss thee…

    I used to have one of those as well, in college. Mine was a mini spool, I used it as a coffee table. I don’t know how yours is put together, but I remember I pried off the top layer of boards on one side, took out the nails, and glued the boards back on. Then I gave it a good sanding. No more exposed bent nails 🙂

  • Sam Schiller

    Great blog, found you by accident, bookmarking now for future reference, thanx.

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