The Year of Mud: Cob house picture slideshow

by ziggy on November 10, 2009 -- 4 comments -- Follow

Here’s a selection of cob building photos from the start to finish of building my house, assembled into a slideshow. Enjoy!

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  • Andy in Germany

    Thanks for the slide show. That really helped me to understand the stages and also the construction methods. Not sure if I’ve got the amount of work involved though.
    That’s a beautiful house too: it’s all very inspirational and makes me want to stop waiting and sign up for the permaculture course riaght away.
    Is there a way of embedding the slideshow into my WordPress blog? It’s mainly about alternative transport but I want to start looking at other areas where we want to live a different way.

  • marke

    Excellent resource, Ziggy! Thanks for making that available. I had been especially curious about what the foundation looked like before you built up an urbanite or cob. Now I know!

  • ziggy

    Marke: Good to hear from ya! Yea!

    Andy: Absolutely! You can grab the HTML code here, in the upper right corner (‘Share’):

    As always, all of the photos from the building process can be viewed here:

  • Challis

    Thank you for posting this slideshow. I too like the more complete sequence than what you usually see. It is a beautiful home and very inspiring!
    Did it really take you a whole year and how much time did you have to spend on making it?

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