Photos of My Cob House GOBCOBATRON

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Cob House Gobcobatron

The latest look of Gobocobatron

Here are some interior and exterior photos of my cob house, GOBCOBATRON at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage. These are the latest photos since the cob house has gone through a few renovations and design changes since it was “completed” in 2009. The home is built entirely of cob, with a living reciprocal roof, and terracotta tile floor. The house does not have any electricity.


(Updated with latest imags: February 2013)

Inside My Cob House

The skylight makes for some amazing overhead light. Even when it is overcast and cloudy, it is still plenty bright inside the house.

Skylight inside reciprocal roof

Skylight inside reciprocal roof

Here is a before and after shot — originally, the house had an earthen floor and earthen plaster interior. Currently, it has a terracotta tile floor with a half lime plaster job inside.

Gobcobatron Cob House Interior

The original interior of the house

Gobcobatron Cob House Interior New

The updated interior of the house with new floor and plaster work, and new stove

The mudroom entrway provides a tiny but useful space for wet shoes and jacket storage, and some extra overhead space. It also helps keep out the cold breeze and insects.

Mud Room Entryway

The mudroom entryway

Since the house has no electricity, light is provided by (homemade) candles. Candlight really adds to the atmosphere of the space.

Cob House Candlelight

Playing a game by candlelight

This is a series of panorama shots before any remodeling work was completed.

Cob house panorama interior

You can imagine that we love to look up at the roof

Cob house panorama interior 2

All of the house in one photo

And just for good measure…

gobcobatron in yes! magazine

Fall 2010 issue of Yes!

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  • Joe Cook

    Photos have a certain appeal to the gut for some reason. Do you all have folks that would build the interior of a house for $$?

  • You mean, like interior finish builders?

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  • Joe Cook

    Yes like interior finish builders. Am looking to buy land in your area close to Dancing Rabbit, Sand Hill Farm or Red Earth Farms. 5-40 acres- that can be gardened- aquaculture- chickens- etc. Solar, wind etc. Concrete monolithic dome but would need interior finishing. Have been looking on Primrose Realty and Memphis Realty for land- about 6 months ago about 57 acres became available on Primrose realty but sold before I could make offer on land.

    I have the resources to buy and build, and to develop land with alternative energy- only issue I currently have is selling owned house in Southern CA with prices collapsed- will retire in 19 months and take hopefully less of a loss on my house then at the current time and then do move.

    I like the ideas of the 3 communities – but each have certain issues with each one- fee simple land ownership (all), vehicle possession (DR) to get around the primary ones- I would like to stay at the b&b sometime next year for a couple of weeks and search area to purchase land. I think all offer in their own way a new way to live and I esp like the ideas of simple living and energy savings and togatherness- I lived in North Campus Coops in Ann Arbor for 3 years when a student and still have many friends that I have kept from that experience in the early 70’s.

  • I would definitely suggest visiting the tri-communities area if you are at all interested in relocating. Reading about us is one thing, but visiting is a totally different experience. I’m sure you’ve already guessed that, but Northeast Missouri is a pretty rural area… Quite different from where you are now, I can imagine, in more than a few ways.

  • Carmen Gilchrist

    The inside looks so warm and cozy. I want one just like it. 🙂

  • Joe Cook

    I will try to visit next year- N. MO. I grew up on a very rural 640 acre farm (SW.MI.) this was before the era of alternative energy etc. We were self sufficient in most food products- veggies (sweet and field corn, potatoes, squash, pears, apples, plums, cherries, tomatoes, cabbage, berries- etc.- mother canned and it lasted us all year after much was sold) and meat (beef, hogs, chicken, ducks- mostly sold) and fish (3 ponds and local lakes and rivers) and hunting but like most Americans we bought the things that could not be grown in a northern environment.- citrus, coffee, certain tropical fruits. When father died mother could not farm run alone and me and sister were not interested at time in farming and mother sold farm and moved to FL. We also had woodlot and small sawmill and cut out own firewood and made posts, lumber for use on farm etc. and mother sewed – it was an idyllic life now that I look back on it- and there is a hollow place in me – regretting the decision not to move back to farm – but I was in 40s and mid career at time.

    As I got older I got nostalgic for old days on farm and am looking now to lay my bones in a life that reflects what I grew up with.

  • Tom

    Love the house…call me

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  • giuseppe

    wow this is amazing! did it really only cost you about $3000 to build? I am 26 and I was in the process of buying a off but because of the market it fell through. I thought my chances were gone, but this is so cool. It looks great, would you ever consider doing this for someone else?

  • Well, maybe… It would be difficult for me to commit to building outside of Dancing Rabbit, though…! But you never know.

  • ostrov

    Thank you,
    very interesting article

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