Continuing cob projects: building a cob oven

by ziggy on August 27, 2009 -- 3 comments -- Follow

cob oven

What to do now that the cob house is finished being built? Build a cob oven, of course. April and I have just finished building an outdoor cob oven and we had our first firing on Sunday. Be sure to check back soon again for more details on its construction… and the bread that we’ve baked. There will be plenty more to come, oh yes, there will… pics and bread, that is…

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  • Eric (Knobbly)

    That is a nice looking oven Ziggy! I especially like the brickwork. The shelf and arch look very professional!

    Is it exposed to the elements, or do you cover it when not in use?

  • will


    did you use firebrick for the oven floor? Was that recycled, and if so, can you suggest a way to locate that specific type of brick?

  • I did use firebrick. I bought used brick from friends at Sandhill Farm. You might be able to find some at a reclaimed building supply store… or maybe from demolished buildings…

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