Earth plastered cob bed and bench

by ziggy on July 28, 2009 -- 3 comments -- Follow


The very last thing to be completed in the house was applying finish earthen plaster to my cob bed and bench. (The bed and bench were still not completely dry by the time I was ready to plaster the walls, hence I did it after doing the finish floor… not ideal, since it was a little tricky to keep it neat, but it worked.)

It feels great!

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  • It looks great too. It will be interesting to hear how it works when the weather cools enough to start up the rocket stove. I’ve been following your progress for the last few months and I hope you keep updating us on your progress at DR. Anything from organic gardening to the mundane like how you deal with health insurance will be read with interest.

  • Leigh

    Umm, a little more detail would be great, like how you built out the top of the bed/bench. Is the thing a big solid lump of mud or what?


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