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I have officially moved into my cob house! On July 11, I carted my possessions from my grain bin apartment to my new home. I set my books upon the cob shelves, moved in a set of shelves and a (pretty crappo) desk, threw some temporary air pads and sheets on the bed, and settled in.

It feels great to finally live in the building I have worked on for the past year, beginning on April 22, 2008. There’s a little more work to be done (mostly plastering the bed and bench, making thermal curtains, making a table, etc.), but I’m effectively “done”. I’m loving it so far and I’m sure I’ll learn more about cob building just living in this house and experiencing it throughout the seasons.

Anyway, expect more interior photos and musings in the near future… this blog is not done yet. There is still plenty to be written and shared. Specifically, look out for a post about installing a tractor tire skylight, and more earthen floor and plaster posts.

(p.s. About “GOBCOBATRON”: last year, when my lovely work exchangers Dan and Danielle were around, the name GOBCOBATRON came out of one of our many wacky conversations… Since then, it has sorta stuck and people have been using it. It’s pretty goofy, but there you have it.)

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  • Buts

    Enjoy the fruits of your labor Brian!

  • Dominic Ebacher

    Congratulations, your home is beautiful!

  • Congrats Brian,your house and garden are looking amazing.It’s been raining a lot in Cape Town so haven’t done much work.We’re preparing materials to build a living roof over the spare room and toilet so we can carry on cobbing.

  • Suzanne Schroedl

    Congratulations Brian! That is so awesome. It’s really gorgeous, as is your garden!

  • Merry

    Congrats, Brian. It’s a beautiful house! I look forward to fabulous photos of the interior. 🙂

  • Facundo

    Hi, i’m following you and your work from several month, i hope u can enjoy ur home, it’s very nice.

    I’m hopping to build my own eath house someday (I’m currently searching info and planning).

    Regards from Pt Madryn, Patagonia Argentina.

  • Congrats Ziggy!

    It looks awesome! Last week, I was collecting some little pieces of urbanite to use for drainage for my plants, and I was thinking about your house. It looks beautiful. You can really see how much care you put into it. It’s nice to see the living roof coming along, too.

    I can’t wait to see the interior pics. (Until I can see the interior itself, that is!)

    Nice work!

  • Lester

    Man, that is awesome congratulations. Some people work till they are 65 for something not half as good as that.

  • Victoria


    I worked on that beautiful house!~! I knew it when it was just a 2 foot wall. 🙂

    I love mud!

  • Ratsack

    which part of Jersey? I’m looking for a suitable place to do some cob building in the Newark area.

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