Strawberries on a living sod roof

by ziggy on June 6, 2009 -- 3 comments -- Follow


Here it is…. the first food from the sod roof of my cob house. Mm mm.

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  • congrats! We have lots of wheatgrass growing out of our walls at the moment.We’ve had lots of rain over the past month.Work has slowed down a lot.andy

  • I wish your topic Strawberries on a living sod roof | The Year of Mud: Building a cob house would be shown on the news to educate all!

  • Ron Martens

    Great information. Thanks for sharing. I have been helping build a circular strawbale house with a planned reciprocal roof, hopefully sod covered. My questions are: Are you aware of any outward pressure on the walls resulting from the reciprocal roof rafters when the weight changes from water or snow load? did you mount the rafters tight to the wall structure or allow from some slippage?

    Thank you in advance for your help.


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