Cob house and natural building resources

by ziggy on March 28, 2009 -- 1 comment -- Follow

At the top of this page, you may have noticed a Cob Resources link. I update this page regularly with new articles, so it’s worth checking out if you’re interested in reading more about cob and other natural building techniques elsewhere on the web, or if you’d like to check out some of the natural building videos I’ve made for Dancing Rabbit TV.

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  • Ramani Rangan

    Hi! I am planning to build my first cob cottage plus shed, oven etc and am still looking for the land location. I am living in New England and I know that Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont have friendly “Natural building” building codes that allow one family habitate. As it will be my first and I have limited funds I was wondering if there was a map or a list of counties and/or states that show by density the places where natural building is most tolerated/excepted. I am free to relocate and want to get this “Right”. Can you point me in a direction? Thanks, and blessing, Ramani

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