Making a mosaic in earthen plaster

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A few days ago, Tamar suggested that perhaps I’d want to do a mosaic on the outside of my house. I’d been doing the exterior earthen plaster and was nearly complete, and I had only a small portion of wall remaining near the entryway. I took her up on the offer.

I enjoy beautiful mosaics in buildings, but I haven’t been so inspired to do some of my own yet, thinking that maybe I would do some alis painting once everything was said and done. (I think I wasn’t willing to slow down to do any mosaics, to be honest… since they must be done while the plaster work is going on.)

Anyway, I’m happy we took the time to do this mosaic. Mosaics add a lot of character to a building, and it’s worth the effort. This particular mosaic took an entire day’s worth of time. It was a little tricky since we had to glob on extra earthen plaster every time we added a piece of tile. Once the plaster set a bit, I buffed the surface with a piece of rubber and smoothed everything out.

You can use small stones, broken tile, glass, or any other small or flat objects to make a mosaic on a cob wall. The mosaic must be set immediately into the earthen plaster before it has a chance to dry. You can always spray the wall down as you go to prevent drying. Once everything is burnished and cleaned, the mosaic really shines.

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  • Joe

    OMG. That is awesome! I was hoping you would do something like that and I know it is definitely worth it. Great job.

  • Bondo

    Wow. I was so focused on the construction portion of things, that I never even thought of any sort of decoration. It really adds something to the building.

  • Beautiful. I’m glad you slowed down for that extra touch – it looks perfect.

    Had you done any mosaic before? Did it feel easy to you, or did you have to mess around with it longer than expected?

  • ziggy

    I’ve never done any mosaics before, although Tamar has. We worked on this one together, and the only “difficulties” were creative ones – you know, trying to figure out the design as we went along, selecting pieces, etc. (Depending on how picky you are, a mosaic could be either really easy or difficult. Also, how picky you are can also help determine how cohesive something looks.)

    This mosaic took a full day’s work – longer than I expected, yea, although I had no real concept of what this would take beforehand.

  • Amy

    The mosaic is perfect! It adds so much! Love it!

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