How to find reclaimed lumber and recycled building materials

by ziggy on March 10, 2009 -- 2 comments -- Follow

Even though load-bearing cob houses may not feature a lot of lumber in their construction, you will still need some wood and other materials for your building project. Windows, doors, bricks, and lumber can often be acquired for free from old homes if you are willing to carefully deconstruct them.

Check out this post I wrote about building with reclaimed lumber and recycled materials. Much of the work in getting free building supplies is talking to the right people.

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  • Ryan

    True story. I was able to obtain all the urbanite, 2x4s, shingles, and a solid exterior door for my cob woodshed experiment just by talking to people who know people who know people. Trips to the junkyard, and general scavenging help too. Also, on Craigslist you can often find a wealth of free material and other things for your construction projects. The window in my woodshed was an old double pane window with only one broken pane, offered for free on Craigslist. Much of this stuff would otherwise be tossed into a landfill.

  • Sam Schiller

    Great blog, found you by accident, bookmarking now for future reference, thanx.

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