Gearing up for building season

by ziggy on March 4, 2009 -- 1 comment -- Follow

It feels like building season is almost upon us. There’s a hint of spring warmth in the air, and I get antsier with each passing day as I think about the prospect of finishing my humble abode. I have a building sequence of events that I’ve been thinking about today.

Other than finishing the living roof (I won’t load the topsoil until the spring rains have largely passed, so I’m not in an immediate rush to finish the other roof work that remains), there is a fair bit of interior work to be done.

First I will construct my rocket stove and heated cob bed and bench, which is easily the biggest inside work project to be done. After that, I’ll plaster the walls, and finally, I’ll install the top layer of the earthen floor. (It doesn’t make sense to complete the floor before the other dirty work is done.)

Sometime during or after all of that, I will finish the exterior plaster (it’s already half done), and work on building the edge board for my roof.

Right now, I’m going to line up the rest of the materials I need for the rocket stove… A 30 gallon steel drum seems to be rather difficult to source… (If you have any ideas, let me know!)

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