Cob Building Work Exchange Opportunity for Spring 2009

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After last year’s success hosting a handful of individuals to help with building my cob house, I am once again seeking work exchangers for the spring of 2009. This time, I am only seeking one or two helpers for about a month. Please read below for details!


Cob Building Work Exchange Opportunity for Spring 2009

Are you interested in learning about cob houses?

Do you want to get some actual hands-on experience building with cob?

Would you like to experience community life in an off-the-grid, sustainable ecovillage?

If you answer yes to these questions, then you should be interested in this work exchange opportunity.

I am looking to host work exchangers during April to June 2009 to help with the final steps of construction of a small cob house.


The House You’ll Help Build:

The house is a spiral-shaped structure composed entirely of cob (a mix of sand, clay, and straw), complete with a reclaimed urbanite foundation and a living reciprocal roof.

Cobbing is largely a hand-built process, with walls that are sculpted into shape by hand.

This spring, building work will largely consist of helping to finish building the living roof, completing finish plaster work and the earthen floor, and building a rocket stove with cob bed.

Your Living Situation At Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage:

Other than gaining valuable natural building experience, you will have the opportunity to experience community life here at Dancing Rabbit.

You’ll be able to partake in community events and activities, eat seasonal and organic meals (largely vegetarian or vegan whole foods) in a food co-op with Dancing Rabbit members, and enjoy a beautiful summer in rural Missouri.

As a temporary resident of the community, you will also be expected to partake in community responsibilities, such as weekly cook shifts and cleaning. There may also be some opportunity to help with gardening.

Your Building Qualifications and Experience:


Prospective work exchangers should have some previous experience in one of the following areas:

  • construction
  • natural building, especially living roofs, or
  • carpentry

I am particularly looking for people with previous cobbing experience and experience designing and building living roofs.

If you are responsible, have a strong work ethic, and are capable of regularly doing very physical work, you will be fit for this role. As a work exchanger, your cost of living here at Dancing Rabbit will be covered in exchange for 35-40 hours of labor per week. Non-building labor responsibilities will include cook shifts as part of a food co-op, and occasional cleaning shifts.

Summary of What You’ll Get From Your Work Exchange:


  • Food: Full food stipend. You will be part of a vegetarian/vegan foodco-op during your stay.
  • Accommodations: Tenting space provided and shared facilities available for use (Common House with kitchen, showers, composting toilets)
  • Fees: Payment of all residency fees
  • Transportation: No coverage provided
  • Education and skills: Hands-on experience building a cob cottage, community lifestyle experience.

Summary of Your Cob Building Responsibilities and Qualifications:

  • Your work load: 35-40 hours per week
  • Other: strong work ethic, skill, responsibility, attention to detail, desire to learn, enthusiasm, and a good spirit. As a temporary resident of the community, you will partake in community responsibilities such as cooking and cleaning.

Contact Ziggy for more information!

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  • Adrienne Hicks

    The only carpenter experience I have is with laying carpet, tile, and interior/exterior painting. However, I am very interested in getting the hands-on experience because I plan on trying to build my own cob home really soon. Please email me with more info and to let me know if I meet the qualifications. Thank you in advance.

  • Dana

    Very interested in helping this summer with projects at DR.
    I came across the listing for Dans project …..are you already full for the Summer?…..if not please call me! I am traveling in a RV for the Summer looking for some great Cob Projects……I am experienced in Cob Building, great with tools and can put my green thumb to work.

    Please email or call 951 897 9448.

  • Build your own house

    What’s even better is that when you choose to build a house, your mortgage repayments are based only on what you borrowed to buy the home.

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