Late October cob building photo update

by ziggy on November 2, 2008 -- 1 comment -- Follow

Here are some photos from the past couple of weeks:

Finishing the cob walls – it was very tight having to work so closely to the roof.

Installing windows – all of the windows I purchased were some kind of replacement windows – they all had a vinyl exterior trim which we screwed into the window frames.

…and to cover up that vinyl border, I simply covered it with cob.

Here is my dad showing off the free sheep’s wool that I used to insulate around the windows and door.

Moving the door into position – this was an old door that I got from Skyhouse for free – it’s quite heavy, but no glass, unfortunately.

With the completion of the walls, and installation of the windows and door, the space feels much more like an actual house!

The day I almost lose my EPDM membrane – what a mess! Too bad it’s hard to tell just how windy it really was with this photo.

Weaving a giant web with a very useful spool of rope.

With the addition of some scratch plaster, the walls look much smoother and more finished.

Unintentionally scary ghost-face shelves.

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  • nils

    Great! I love the little details, like the ghost face =)

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