Decking the reciprocal roof

by ziggy on October 8, 2008 -- 0 comments -- Follow


Last week, I began the somewhat tedious process of decking my roof with the help of Jeff, my most recent work exchanger. It’s pretty slow work, having to mark and cut and then nail every individual piece of board, of which there are over 200 now on the roof.

I am using scrap 1x black walnut lumber that I purchased from a local lumber ‘dealer’. (Perhaps a very apt title for this particular fellow…) It cost me $1 per board, and most of if was defective (for cabinet-making purposes) in some way, but with its length still largely usable. (Each piece of wood is at least six to eight feet long, I’d estimate.)

The roof line has taken shape now that the decking is getting nailed to the rafters. The roof is somewhat wavy and undulating, and I must say that I like it’s uneven, flow-y appearance.


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