Reciprocal roof frame constructed, but…

by ziggy on September 9, 2008 -- 2 comments -- Follow



Ok. The long-delayed and long-anticipated reciprocal roof raising finally happened over this weekend on Saturday. It went smoothly, despite a bump here or there. The whole thing was up within a few hours.

However. I am going to take it all down and do it again (!)

There are some imperfections. The peak of the roof, or the inner ring is not centrally located, making the span on the west side of the house significant longer than on the east. The skylight hole is not totally circular (see above), which is ok, but again: could be better. There are a couple other things that could be improved, too.

Sometime soon, the poles will be taken down, and then hoisted up again, and it will be even better. More balanced.

I’ll wait to get into the nitty gritty of reciprocal roof raising until then.

Stay tuned.

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  • Tim

    Hey Ziggy!

    Nice work! I just flickrd through your photos and checked out the blog a bit. We started a similar project this summer but I’m still on the urbanite stem wall part.

    what’s the hole for in the SW corner?


  • Hi there Tim: Thanks! The hole in the corner is an exit for the rocket stove flue pipe (which will run through my cob bed and a bench).

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