The end is (seriously) near

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With the help of my superstar work exchangers Dan and Danielle, the cob walls are nearly complete. Unfortunately, D&D departed today to begin their own pursuits, but I am hopeful that I’ll be able to complete cobbing by myself by the weekend. I suspect it will take 10 or so batches to level out the walls in preparation for the reciprocal roof – no problem! (My estimations are historically inaccurate, but I feel pretty confident about this one.)

It’s amazing how tall the west wall (see above) is/feels, compared to the rest of the house. A little bit of slope can go a long way.

Last night we had a third campfire in the house, and several folks have suggested leaving the house as is, without roof, because of the dramatic light cast by the fire on the walls. It’s quite a sight. Maybe I’ll have to design a retractable roof…

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