Three feet and rising

by ziggy on June 14, 2008 -- 0 comments -- Follow


Ok, so my original estimate of 100 total batches of cob to complete the walls may have been off.

Eighty plus batches later, the walls stand at an average height of 3.5′ (not including the foundation), which is probably half the total amount of cob necessary. Some taller spots are now no longer workable without standing on a bench (as seen in the areas next to the south window in the photo above.)

Now begins the time when the actual cob application slows down, due to the extra step of having to stand on and move a bench or scaffolding (which I might just need to make soon…) to work the walls.

We didn’t get nearly the same amount of work done this week thanks the absurd amount of rain, but I guess a little break is an okay thing, too…

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