Rain, rain, rain

by ziggy on June 9, 2008 -- 1 comment -- Follow

This is an extraordinarily rainy spring. We’ve had so much rainfall so frequently, with so many warnings of flash floods and tornadoes the past number of weeks that it’s been hindering not just our gardens, but local farmers from getting their crops in the ground, too. And of course it’s been washing away all the mulch on our roads here, and slowing down building. At least the cisterns are full.

Every day the past few weeks, it seems that there’s been a warning of severe thunderstorms — never just thunderstorms, always severe thunderstorms. Thankfully they don’t always occur as predicted, or I’m sure my cob walls would have washed away by now.

I write this after another night of rain. The cob walls are very wet and soft to the touch in some spots, and the sun is nowhere to be had, but very thankfully (and surprisingly), there is no rain in the forecast the next two days. I am quite tired of worrying about the weather by now, and I really hope this rain dies down sooner rather than later. There is certainly benefit to having a roof up before your cob walls are built (as this very rainy season shows us), but unfortunately, that wasn’t really an option for me. I’m beginning to wish it was, though!

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  • I guess this is the one situation I donĀ“t have to think much of… there is rain only abount once a year where we are gonna be building. Luckily there is enough water in the well for our needs year round.

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